Meet the Kiss 2019 Tour shows in your city in US and Canada


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The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band is going to launch the End of the Road Tour on this Jan 31st in Vancouver, B.C. and this is at Rogers Arena. Along with this they will also play a list of additional 43 dates which will be throughout the North America as their farewell excursion.

This time they are going to perform something different and far beyond which they have done earlier. This is also supported by technology but just not that. This is because the meaning of this final tour is really great. They also have opinion that they were indelible part of many people’s lives. Meantime they also think that even people were indelible part of their lives. The guitarist here Paul Stanley shared this. He wants to thank everyone and one last time they want to live up to what all says about them and what they were actually.

Kiss End of the Road Tour 2019 Dates

They introduced their team for last 45 years with people. Wanted best from everything and everybody got the best. They are well known as hottest band in this entire world. The bar they created is really high and many say that it is the highest. They have always felt that they are in competition with no one else but with themselves.

They do not wish ill will to others and they were always very busy in making the band as fabulous as possible on this planet. They think that when people look at them, they say wow.

Kiss Tour 2019 United States

This time the end of the tour will be including band members Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Eric Singer and Paul Stanley. This is a multiyear run and it promises dates till 2020. The North American dates for kiss farewell tour 2019 dates released are already hitting all the major markets like Las Vegas, Dallas, Los Angeles, Detroit, Chicago, Boston, Montreal, Miami, and New York. The last North American date will be on April 13, in Birmingham, Ala.

One confirm thing he re is, this is their last tour and they announced the kiss tour dates 2019 and hence they call it kiss farewell tour 2019. They do not want to say what goes after this. Stanley says that what will happen for this band after this final tour. This, kiss 2019 tour will go for three years. But in one city they play means that is done. Through this they want to thank everybody there. Kiss end of the road tour 2019 dates is listed at the end. Kiss tour 2019 united states are also listed.

They are planning to execute this really slow and nice. This is because they are totally different from the bands who dress up with T-shirts and wear sneakers and come up with a guitar. For them to move to a place there is 600,000-pound gorilla. They cannot move without the help of a tractor trailers. They always aimed to give big imprints and that’s what they did in past years.